Zero Trust Security

Drive All Access Traffic Through a Secure Cloud Gateway. Employ a Layer 7 Firewall Policy across your cloud Infrastructure. Enhance the security of your entire cloud network.

PlatOps Security helps agile businesses develop secure cloud strategies that keeps protected, safe, and shielded from outside attack. Prevent data losses using a well implemented zero trust security architecture for your cloud network.

The Most Holistic Security Approach for Cloud-Based Organizations

Using PlatOps zero trust security model, you can secure your cloud network by filtering traffic trying to access specific parts of your cloud network. By utilizing only the most up-to-date protocols, PlatOps improves how you secure your cloud-based business and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your cloud network.

The Zero Trust Security Model tests all traffic irrespective of their origin (whether from internal or external sources), to give a more foolproof security for your business.


Total Security

PlatOps Zero Trust Security approach obeys all compliance rules relating to your business objectives and reaches all aspect of your network, company individual, and workloads.


Efficient Automated Security

Fast integration, world-class reliability and complete automation for your entire cloud network. PlatOps implements proven security algorithms into your cloud systems to fast track the security of your cloud strategy.


Preventive Security Protocols

Why work to fix a security breach when you could implement a security approach that keeps your entire cloud-based network safe and prevents even 5th generation cyber-attacks?

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Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust is one of the most effective ways for organizations to control access to their networks.

Get access to the most relevant solution for your cloud security and implement quickly for both short term and long-term effects. Control access to your business cloud network.

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Fully Implement All PlatOps Principles with PlatOps Products

Technology Integrations

PlatOps Security uses highly secure security solutions throughout your cloud infrastructure to safeguard your business processes. Segment access to your network and enforce a least privilege access policy so that only privileged traffic is allowed into specific protected assets.

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PlatOps Cloud Trust Policy

Intruders can easily gain access to protected files and documents using compromised passwords and phrases in an organization. By implementing a thorough security policy where access to protected files is granted only to specific individuals in your organization. How this works is through what we call Check Point Identity Awareness implemented in the PlatOps zero trust security model.

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PlatOps Cloud Policy

Secure Devices

DevOps team should be in the know about devices accessing the network nodes of your cloud infrastructure. Devices containing malicious elements automatically using our solutions. Using specific security policies, only allowed devices will be able to gain access to your cloud network.

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PlatOps Devices

Security teams must be able to isolate, secure, and control every device on the network at all times. PlatOps solutions enable you to block infected devices from accessing corporate data and assets, including employees’ mobile devices and workstations, iOT devices and Industrial Control Systems.

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Zero Trust Workloads

Some of your workload could depend on public cloud networks. Files and apps running in these networks make for good targets for hackers. An effective zero trust solution like we offer at PlatOps delivers a 100% reliable solution that integrates with your cloud network.

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Visibility & Analytics

With our Core Protection centralized security system management, your entire cloud infrastructure will be monitored for incoming and outgoing traffic with log files saved at protected locations in your network for authorized access later. The zero-trust security model PlatOps offers will boost the productivity of your DevSecOps team by making it easier to detect and remove security threats in your cloud network.

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Implement a Zero Trust Security Model Compliant with Your Business Objectives

5See how you can use PlatOps solution to optimize your organizations' cloud infrastructure with a single console unified policy where a centralized security management system is implemented. PlatOps holds a record for improving zero trust security in different industries by more than 50%.

icon Single Console - unified policy
Name Source Destination Service&Applications Content Action Install On
Outbound acces production_net Internet Any * Any AccesSubLayer PolicyTarget
Social media for marketing Marketing_role
Internet iconTwitter
* Any Accept SG00101
Developer upload developer_role Internet iconFacebook
* Any Direction
Source Code - JAVA
Accept SG00101
Acces Sensitive Servis * Any * Any * Any * Any SensitiveServers Policy Target
Mobile Access Mobile Devices MailUS MailServer * Any Accept Mobile
Acces to Web Server *Any *Any MailServer * Any Accept Mobile

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