About PlatOps Security

At PlatOps, we are firm believers of empowering our customers, embracing technological developments, and providing solutions for a better future. We make the most of our technology and tested processes to help our clients achieve results right away!

Solving Together

As a multi-cloud solutions experts, PlatOps delivers a complete cloud migration and security solution for your cloud infrastructure. We implement the most relevant cloud protocols to power your cloud-native applications, and deliver an easy-to-use cloud migration approach.

Our objective is transforming your business into a secure, fast, agile, and proactive enterprise even as we continuously expand across borders. Our services will help you increase efficiency across business processes and deliver what your market wants fast.

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About PlatOps Security
Our Mission Plus Icon

Empower your business objectives. Deliver top notch cloud technology solutions ALWAYS. Grow a loyal customer base using a reliable cloud approach.

  • Support team is available 24x7

  • Follow-the-sun On-call engineers

  • Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

PlatOps helps you grow an agile business by delivering only the most efficient cloud strategies and implementing the best cloud transformation practices using our own time-proven solutions. Our overall vision is to partner with businesses and help them reach their objectives by being at the vanguard of innovations within their industry - through cloud transformation, cloud security, and monitoring.

Our Global Reach Plus Icon

PlatOps provides its services for more than 14 Countries

  • North America

  • European Union

  • CIS Countries

We work with more than 38 businesses across different countries, helping them develop cloud solutions vital to their business operations.

Our Vision Plus Icon

Become the #1 Cloud Security Name in Our Service Areas

  • Cloud Security

  • Zero Trust Security

  • Email Security

PlatOps has a vision to deliver only the best cloud solutions for its customers. We believe each happy customer creates a platform to grow more productive business relationships.

Our vision is to continue being a reputable cloud security brand that delivers seamless solutions to power your cloud transformation needs.

Our history

Two decades of experience helping customers succeed

When PlatOps launched in 2014, there were tons of other companies that were providing IT hosting and security services all around the internet. However, these companies weren't able to provide the high level of customer service that we at PlatOps Security do.

We were a tiny player looking for a way to differentiate ourselves — to serve business customers better than the big telecom companies and other competitors did. So we hired smart people who were deeply committed to serving customers. We began providing end-to-end customer service. We developed specialized expertise in technologies such as Linux and Windows and network security. We created the managed hosting and security services for small and medium businesses. And as more and more customers recommended us, we quickly came to lead that industry.

Fast forward to 2016, when Amazon launched Lightsail and AWS Pinpoint. Developers could suddenly rent access to immense computing resources. But, to use it, a business had to hire experts in cloud infrastructure and the many complex tools, applications and databases that run on top of it.

First-Rate Cloud Approach for Agile Businesses

We believe that by using the right set of tools, we can empower your entire DevOps,
DevSecOps, and overall business to successfully deploy cloud-native applications and services and to
increase your overall business output.


Consulting and Advisory Services

We provide consultancy services for businesses looking for a proven cloud strategy to power their cloud transformation process. We help you go from not knowing how to take the next step in your cloud journey to taking a full leap.


Professional Services

We'll design and build a solution that ensures you're getting the most out of your applications, so you can accelerate new opportunities for your business.


Efficient and Effective Security Practices within your network

Get foolproof security encryption protocols implemented on your entire security network. Request our penetration testing service and see how we can help you transform your risky, exploitable cloud processes into sophisticated security protocols.


Cloud and network optimization for efficiency and fast delivery

Discover a cloud strategy customized for your unique business processes, while being flexible enough to accommodate changes to your policies. Our cloud strategy delivery is based on optimization for efficiency and scalability.

Security Solutions


Use log data and other key information sources within your network to optimize for the most efficient approach in your cloud infrastructure.

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