Compliance and Governance

Is your cloud-based business optimized for cost, work efficiency, and compliance?

Balance decision rights. Understand and regulate risks, value and resources in cloud-dependent businesses.

PlatOps implements a cloud-computing governance approach that builds on business policies and principles and establishes appropriate degree of control and compliance across your cloud infrastructure (including apps and network frameworks). We aim to eliminate the risk of non-compliance and mitigate the impact of poor implementation of cloud technology as it relates to your overall business objectives.

This creates an organization where new cloud implementations are entirely focused on your business goals and plans, where data integrity is commonplace, and where the possibility of data loss is out of the question.

Want to learn how vulnerable your critical assets are to cyber attacks?

Why Us?

Compliance Covered

  • GDPR
  • CCPA
 Prevent Costly Compliance Mistakes Image Prevent Costly Compliance Mistakes

Develop a formidable compliance and governance structure for your IT team to remove the risks of losing very sensitive data that could result in losses for your organization from failure to follow governance/compliance rules.

Utilize Up-to-Date Governance Standards Image Utilize Up-to-Date Governance Standards

Functional cloud policies that are up to date and completely relevant to your business objectives and goals.

Gain Control Image Gain Control

Remove costly human errors by improving your cloud compliance and governance. Utilize a compliance policy for your cloud-based services that is not dependent on geography or business domain.

Fast and Reliable Audits Image Fast and Reliable Audits

Expedite your audits and improve the overall speed of implementing cloud strategies. PlatOps delivers a cloud compliance and governance solution that shortens the time it takes to process audits.

Data Protection and Infrastructure

Detect, protect, control

The security of confidential company data should be your utmost priority. With PlatOps Security solutions - a fully functional cloud security AI - important information covering all aspects of your business processes are immediately evaluated and tokenized before entering your main database to improve security and compliance in your cloud infrastructure.

  • Tokenization standard: ANSI X9.119-2-2017.
  • FPE standard: NIST SP800-38G.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2.
Data Protection and Infrastructure Image
Steps Image

PlatOps Security AI uses specially created algorithms to ensure only the most relevant information enters your database. Data entering your hybrid cloud infrastructure's database is detected and evaluated for both purpose and sensitivity before being allowed into your database.


PlatOps uses zero-PII tokens to preserve sensitive data -- making it useful for specific purposes, while making it less feasible to use data for compromising activities.


Our dashboards provide up to 50 variables that let you manage and protect your data using custom and specific rules. Our solution makes it easy for you to create controls regarding how your data is accessed and how it is used.

Features of PlatOps Compliance

Sensitive Data Heat Map

Visual representation for data flows across your entire cloud-native application. Get specific alerts about detected changes in your cloud-native applications data flow and optimize your security to prevent data risks.

Access Controls

Set control rules for how data is used based on employee roles and levels in your organization. If you work with remote employees, setting access rights limits the amount of information accessible to outside workers.

International Data Transfer

Active government compliant security protocols like zero-PII makes sharing data with external individuals and bodies in the world more secure without excess risks of data loss.

Sensitive Data Detection

Remove sensitive data from shared networks in one click. This is an automatic process that is not limited by human error.

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