Certified Penetration Testing

PlatOps will explore your security risks. Thorough Reports. Actionable Recommendations.

What you need to know about our
Certified Penetration Service

Penetration testing is a proactive approach to discovering exploitable vulnerabilities in your web applications, computer systems, and networks. Our manual testing process goes beyond automated scanning and into complex security exploitation. Gain a thorough understanding of these vulnerabilities and begin to remediate the issues before an attacker is able to interrupt your business operations, or even worse.

  • Secure your data and systems

  • Prevent business interruption

  • Protect your brand image

Want to learn how vulnerable your critical assets are to cyber attacks?

Penetration Testing Deliverables

PlatOps Security does assessments on your entire cloud network, interprets the results, and
delivers usable reports for your organization. Deliverables for a penetration test include:

Executive Summary Report

Executive summary report

A high-level overview of your pen test report, highlighting critical vulnerabilities.

Full Technical Report

Full technical report

An in-depth look into how your information security controls performed during testing.

Remediation Action Plan

Remediation action plan

An actionable guide designed to help secure your organization's vulnerabilities.

If you use a cloud strategy or operate any network within your organization, the chances of weak points within nodes in this network are high. New ransomwares and malwares are easily projected into utilities, sometimes without any obvious signs while they endlessly make changes or steal data.

Any intruder who spends a long time working through your network wouldn't want to be discovered until all intended harm is completed. That's why penetration testing is so important; you can find and patch the holes where intruders can come in to do harm before they find them.

To prevent security breaches in your company that eventually lead to massive public and in-house problems, you need to amp up security across your cloud/network nodes and optimize security using only the latest security and encryption protocols.

PlatOps helps your business data stay protected against even experienced intruders. Our team offers penetration testing services to target loopholes in your entire infrastructure.

When Should You Use a Penetration
Testing Service?

Testing your cloud infrastructure should be carried out on specific intervals for the best results.

You should also use a penetration service when:

  • A new 3rd-party component is added to your infrastructur,

  • Corporate IT was significantly changed,

  • Significant upgrades or modifications were done to your infrastructure,

  • New office locations were established, or

  • User policies were modified.

Penetration Testing Service Image

Types of penetration tests we provide

Physical Security Tests Icon

Physical Security Tests

Web Apps and Cloud Native Application Tests Icon

Web Apps and Cloud Native Application Tests

Client-Side Security Test Icon

Client-Side Security Test

Social Engineering Testing Icon

Social Engineering Testing

Network Security Tests Icon

Network Security Tests

Remote Access Tests Icon

Remote Access Tests

Penetration testing methods we apply
Black-Box Testing
Black-Box testing

We work in life-like conditions having strictly limited knowledge of your network and no information on the security policies, network structure, software and network protection used.

Gray-Box Testing
Gray-Box testing

We examine your system with some minimal information on your network, such as user login details, architecture diagrams, or the network's overview.

White-Box Testing
White-Box testing

We identify potential points of weakness by using admin rights and access to server configuration files, database encryption principles, source code or architecture documentation

Our 3-Stage Penetration Testing

Pre-attack phase / Planning

Defining the intruder model (internal or external, enabled rights and privileges).

Defining goals, source data, scope of work and testing targets.

Determining the scope of a target environment.

Developing the testing methodology.

Defining interaction and communication procedures.

Attack phase / Testing

Fieldwork, service identification.

Custom scanning or intrusion tools are developed if needed.

Vulnerabilities detection and scanning, elimination of false positives.

Vulnerabilities exploit and gaining an unauthorized access.

Utilization of compromised systems as a springboard for further intrusion.

Post-attack phase / Reporting

Result analysis and reporting with recommendations for reducing risks.

Visual demonstration of the damage that can be inflicted to the system by an intruder.

Additionally, we can also eliminate the detected vulnerabilities.

Pre-attack phase Image
Attack phase Image
Security Testing Benefits
Regulatory compliance Icons

Regulatory compliance (GLBA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA/NIST)

The detailed reports generated after penetration testing help to avoid fines for non-compliance and allow you to illustrate due diligence to auditors by maintaining required security controls.

Complete view of vulnerabilities Icons

Complete view of vulnerabilities

We provide detailed information on real security threats, help to identify the most critical vs. the least significant vulnerabilities along with false positives, so that your organization can prioritize remediation, apply needed security patches, and allocate security resources.

Avoiding the cost of system/network downtime Icons

Avoiding the cost of system/network downtime

PlatOps' team provides specific guidance and recommendations to avoid financial pitfalls by identifying and addressing risks before attacks or security breaches occur.

No-loss Penetration Testing Protocol

Even the most secure enterprise systems are vulnerable to attacks. Attackers are always discovering new ways to hit a network and exploit whatever advantage they find.

You can stay ahead of the hunt by discovering all vulnerabilities first, remediating them, and setting honeypots in your network to analyze attack attempts.

Our Penetration testing service opens up a new way for you to look at your networks; we will help you exploit them ethically to see your risks and, then close those vulnerabilities.

No-loss Penetration Testing Protocol Image

Complete Testing Solution for your Enterprise

The PlatOps security team searches for vulnerabilities in your cloud networks, computer systems and website applications. We use both manual and automated methods to test for simple and complex security structures.

The best feature of PlatOps is this: we dive into your cloud security architecture like an intruder would, leaving nothing behind, testing your network and cloud infrastructure and manipulating your online operations to scrap out any vital information.

The benefits this approach delivers is that your business will get a fuller view into how your cloud model is vulnerable and able to be penetrated. And, of course, recommendations on how to remediate all identified vulnerabilities.

Wireless Penetration Testing Image

Wireless Penetration Testing

Since you operate a cloud-based business, most of your operations are wireless. In-house team collaborations, project data and confidential information across various company levels are likely transmitted using wireless network devices.

PlatOps will test your entire wireless network to search for vulnerabilities across your wireless network. Find out how hackers will get into your wireless network infrastructure and see how we close all found vulnerabilities without hindering your work process.

Wireless Penetration Testing Image

Social Engineering Testing

PlatOps will test your businesses social engineering by carrying out email phishing tests, accessing phone calls, and doing a full dumpster dive. You will discover the strength of your companys social engineering security against hackers while getting top notch recommendations for increasing your security. There are times when you might need to change policies to meet new security threats.

Social Engineering Testing Image

Network and Infrastructure Test

A full-scale test to measure your network's risk to most security threats. This test also includes devices within your network. Our testers will identify problems within your network and repair flaws accessible by intruders.

From outdated security patches to out-of-date configurations and weak encryption protocols, your network is vulnerable to hostile parties. This test can help you:

Network and Infrastructure Test Image
  • Check your security level

  • Get better security for your cloud infrastructure

  • Prevent problems that interrupt your business flow

  • Optimize your network encryption

  • Secure data across your cloud systems

  • Protect your brand image

How much will it cost for your project?

We shape the final price based on the number of targets and the required testing methods. We will be
pleased to provide an estimate for your project.

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