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PlatOps supplies tools to help you understand and improve the status of your email deliverability, including our free Blocklist Lookup Tool.

The Return Path Blocklist (RPBL) from PlatOps is a list of email server IP addresses that have been identified to be exhibiting spam-like behavior. This blocklist is built using PlatOps's AI-powered engine, as well as a collection of over 480+ trusted data sources.

The RPBL Blocklist uses modern-day logic to find emails that have concerning attachments, failed authentication attempts, and other behavior consistent with spam. It is used across multiple industries to define filtering policies, which are used by email companies, hosting providers, security agencies, and more.

When our system finds these emails, it determines if the patterns qualify to tag the IP as a Spammer.

There are other blocklists out there, many of which can wreak havoc on your email marketing and overall deliverability. Use the tool to the right to see if you are listed in this RPBL; if so, you can safely assume that you are listed on others as well. If your IP has been tagged, then it is extremely important that you work with an expert to review the situation and determine the best path toward correcting it.

To learn more about how PlatOps can help you correct or prevent these issues, contact us today.

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Step 1: Enter Your IP Address

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