Cloud Transformation

Our cloud consultants can be vital to your cloud transformation, making your business a cutting-edge competitor.

The majority of cloud transformation projects stall or fail to meet promised results. Moves to the cloud at the app-level, or even the system level, are likely to transfer your existing headaches to a new location—and not deliver the transformation you were after. While the promises of the cloud are impressive, making the move to the cloud a business decision—not just a technology one—is key to harnessing the cloud’s true power. Our cloud consulting strategy will improve your collaboration and access to information, reduce costs, and modernize your operations. PlatOps will show you the right way to move to the cloud to truly transform your business and make you a cutting-edge competitor.

Our offerings include:
  • Application modernization to the cloud

    Your application modernization to the cloud can power your business with scalability, reliability, upgradeability, maintainability, extensibility and usability; so your business can accelerate growth, connect with customers, suppliers and partners, pivot as needed and build digital connections.

    Look at your current portfolio of Applications – apps you bought, apps you built. Think about the future Applications you are going to buy and build. PlatOps can help you determine whether to airlift, upgrade, or rebuild what you have and set the foundation for the future.

  • Transform your data center

    We are moving to a ‘cloud first’ ‘mobile first’ world. Expanding your data center to the cloud can increase the capacity of your existing infrastructure on demand providing low cost/low touch environments while reducing your data center footprint.

    PlatOps can help you start realizing benefits in low-risk and high-return areas like development/testing and backup/recovery. And get you to the proper cloud, hybrid, and on-premise mix.

  • Unlock insights from data/IOT

    Not continuously analyzing your data is missing out on opportunities. However many businesses have struggled with taking that first leap into serious analytics. The cloud now gives you a way to get there incrementally.

    Insights are wasted if it doesn’t impact decision making, and we can help you determine the data that impacts decision making and where better decision making is most impactful

    PlatOps can help you start with visualizing your data to get to support the last mile of decision making. And from there add data from devices and sensors.

  • Empower enterprise mobility

    You want to walk the line between making your employees more productive with their best apps on their favorite devices and a focus on security and remote management to make your life easier.

    You need to keep up with exploits, viral software, and unsanctioned activity.

    PlatOps can help you identify and implement a complete solution that encompasses user, device, and data management with a people-centric approach that builds on existing investments.

  • Continuous delivery with devops

    To be agile, you have to get new software features and capabilities into the hands of your employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. Cloud presents new challenges for software delivery yet offers great opportunity to combine Code and Infrastructure in the same way.

    PlatOps can help you define and implement a roadmap recognizing that continuous delivery requires the linkage of people/process with automation and is as much a mindset as a toolset.