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More than 47% of the businesses in the United States and Canada use cloud services to minimize risks, operations complexity and effectively deliver services for their customer base. This translates to a better-enabled workforce, and more insights from business data.

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Complete Digital Transformation using Cloud Technologies

Securely bridge the gaps between your teams. Boost your company's overall performance. Improve customer experience. Create an agile, fast, and efficient company using a proven cloud strategy and a tested cloud migration process.


Learn Fast, Improve Fast

PlatOps cloud transformation service helps businesses, Execute new ideas fast. Make changes and redeploy products in a fraction of the time. Our cloud transformation offering gives your team the resources it needs to develop and test custom solutions rapidly, make newer changes, respond as needed and on time.

Where testing new ideas would take years, a well-structured cloud migration strategy would improve your business team's output and give a company an edge over competitors.


Save Operational Costs

More than 88% of businesses using cloud technologies in their operations maximized cost savings, and another 56% mentioned increase in profits -- according to case studies.

What we do at PlatOps is simple; by helping most businesses utilize a tested cloud migration model, we provide and deliver excellent cloud management & optimization that cut down on operational costs.


Scalability and flexibility for Business Operations

One outstanding feature of using PlatOps cloud strategy is the benefit of being able to scale not just a business’ IT but the entire operations and infrastructure required for business growth.

Traditional business operations models create hurdles that reduce the speed of implementing ideas for most firms. That is what our cloud transformation service fights. Equipping businesses with dependable cloud technologies to innovate fast and make rapid changes makes a huge chunk of the cloud operating model.


Secure Cloud Network

PlatOps DevSecOps team carves into our service offering. Our cloud management and optimization model allows for the implementation of top-level cloud encryption protocols required to safeguard your entire business operations and guarantee you have overall security in your business operations. The control of IT infrastructure lies solely in the hands of your IT team.

Our cloud migration model utilizes cloud encryption protocols for optimum cloud security. This will help to boost the entire security of your business network.


Innovation and Adaptability

Every business grows or dies. And a key part o growth is innovation. By delivering complete and all-around cloud management and optimization model, we enable global businesses to be at the vanguard of industry innovations to create solutions for new market needs as they happen.

By implementing a well-structured cloud process, businesses can thrive by adapting to changing market trends quickly enough, and gain massive impressive returns.


Improved Workforce Productivity

By delivering secure cloud operations and management systems, PlatOps reduces IT workload and budgets, makes running IT operations within a business less expensive, increases workplace flexibility and functionality, and also delivers more efficient tools required for the operations of a business.

All these sums up to a more functional and productive workforce, powered by cloud transformation.

Technology partners

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • PlatOps Cloud

Reliable Business Cloud Migration

Our cloud migrations services let you make a switch; from using traditional software options available to you, you can now deploy software programs with more feasibility using cloud engineering and automation.

Our efficiently implemented cloud strategy reduces the costs required for the maintenance and operations of physical hardware. And you also have the benefit of saving operational costs required to invest in hardware since most cloud computing services provide a pay-as-you-go model.

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Did you know cloud transformation was created to help businesses looking to scale?
It goes beyond the tech.

Would you like to know how we can help your business?

We tailor your cloud transformation to help achieve your business goals.

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    Grow a more Invested Customer Base

    Improve your customer experience by understanding the market with more precision and deploying innovative ideas faster. Create solutions with wider market adoption.

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    Cloud transformations present opportunities for growth by securely linking separate business infrastructures to propel growth.

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    Use a profitable scalable system

    Uncover the cloud computing business model that powers better and more streamlined business processes.

Better Cloud Strategy equals more Security and Competitive Advantage

PlatOps Security combines high-level cloud encryption with your business's cloud model. Efficient cloud migration (like we offer) delivers a faultless automated business operation process through the cloud. Run your business without the holdbacks.

There's more. Our cloud engineering and management services help your team evolve and develop skills necessary for more productivity.

Better Cloud Strategy

Deploy an Effective Cloud Strategy

By utilizing a tested system, PlaTops identifies and removes loopholes in your cloud computing infrastructure for maximum security and optimum effectiveness.

We do a proper analysis of critical aspects of your business and (if available) cloud-based business systems to help keep activities within budget and faultless.

Our strategy involves assessment (including infrastructure discovery), and assessment application, through planning first, then transformation, and management.

Deploy an Effective Cloud Strategy

Scale Your Business Using with Cloud Engineering. The fastest-growing businesses use cloud management to boost growth.

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    Cloud is Vital

    Cloud is a high business priority, says 52% of North American Enterprise. Deploying a cloud strategy for your business will continuously deliver outstanding benefits.

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    What is your Cloud Service Cost?

    After installing a cloud service, more than 42% of North American businesses do not optimize their workload configurations.

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    The Cloud Market keeps Growing

    More than 22% annual growth was recorded in the public cloud market, reaching $236 billion.

Sophisticated Cloud Consultation to drive costs down for your business and increase output

Complex operations that would require long hours, resources and labor demands only a fraction of the effort, allowing businesses to downscale or upscale to yield better returns and cut down on expensive changes to IT systems.

While a significant number of businesses are making the switch for cloud computing services, few harnesses the full opportunities presented by cloud strategy and migration.

It is essential to continuously evaluate your cloud strategy and follow the most rewarding approach that fits your business.

Consultation sessions will show you how to improve collaboration among company teams using cloud DevOps fully implement the opportunities presented by cloud engineering, and help make the transition from traditional business operations to the more efficient cloud model.

By developing your business' cloud transformation strategy using best practices, you will understand how to pivot, and adapt your business processes to enable collaborative efforts for getting the best results.

Our consultation will help businesses:

  • Harness the power of essential data metrics for growth
  • Increase employee productivity and business flexibility
  • Define a Cloud Transformation Strategy
  • Maximize Cloud usage Opportunities
  • Modernize Time Consuming Business Processes
  • Develop creative cloud engineering and management solutions

Proper implementation of a cloud strategy creates an environment for fast execution and constant improvements as needed. And that's exactly what we offer!

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