Cloud Native Security

Apply a dynamic Multi-Cloud to your Cloud Application Security

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Expert Cloud Security Options to protect your entire cloud infrastructure including cloud applications for easy build, deploy and run.

Cloud Native Security provides protection for Hybrid Multicloud and helps respond to attacks fast and with precision.

We utilize the right tools and the solutions to create a double-edged security solution for both native applications and cloud hosted networks.

Services include: Multi Cloud Security, Threat Management, visibility and control, and secure workloads. Our process simplifies cloud native security processes for enterprise customer data.

Security challenges should not stop you from fully maximizing a full stack cloud solution.


About Cloud Native Security Service?

  • Dynamic Security
    Dynamic Security is built for containers and microservices
    • Automated security testing in the CI process
    • Centralized user identity and access control capabilities
    • Encrypted data between apps and services

    When the traditional approach to cloud security fails to stand to current security threats, a dynamic approach is required. Most traditional cloud native solutions lead to blind spots within your cloud security creating exposure for dangerous cyber-attacks.

    A dynamic security model using DevSecOps creates a no-vulnerability cloud native security system ready for implementation within cloud native applications. Close exploitable openings, and keep a more secure cloud native application.

  • Automatically Optimize Security for DevSecOps
    DevOps security is automated
    • Automated system and service configuration management capabilities
    • Automated security updates, such as patches for known vulnerabilities
    • Automated security testing in the CI process

    Help your IT teams and security department optimize cloud native applications security systems faster by using automated processes. PlatOps Security delivers a complete security solution that provides reliable technology protocols for the correct implementation of cloud native security through DevOps.

  • Proactive Security 24/7
    Proactive Security and Monitoring
    • Integrated security scanners for containers
    • Standardization and automation the environment
    • Automated tests for security capabilities

    Remove holes in your cloud native application security by automatic detection and warning for new attacks to prevent confidential data loss and leaks.

    Keep up with changes in your cloud network and get detailed high quality vulnerability information on potentially compromised cloud network nodes with our solution.

What is Your Cyber Security Risk?

Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Tool

Use our cyber security assessment tool to discover the vulnerability level of your security system. This assessment if completed correctly, will provide answers for your risk score, and let you see current loopholes in your cyber security open to hackers.

Risk scores are based on our benchmark grounded on current security threats and available security solutions.

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"If you spend more time on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked."

Richard Clarke, White House Cybersecurity Advisor, 1992-2003

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All You Need for the Best Cloud Security

Immerse your cloud native applications into full stack automated cloud security protocols for the best security results.

Fast Security Crack Detection

Platops' proposition is using fast security protocols that monitor your entire cloud native applications for any cracks and loopholes exploitable by indruders.

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Round the clock
Reliable 24/7 Service

Our offering is a round the clock cloud native security for cloud native application. Configuration, Discovery, Updates, Blue-Green/Canary Deployments and Performance metrics become easy to implement with our assistance.

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Security Solutions
State of the Art Solutions

We implement on the best security solutions to resolve problems, and make improvement to your existing cloud infrastructure.

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Unhindered User Experience

Improve on your user experience and help users of your cloud native applications maximize your services without downtimes and unnecessary bugs.

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Easy Implementation by Dev Ops Team

Our solution is your security teams' friend. Improve productivity for your DevSecOps team using our cloud native security solution available to you upon request. Get faster and better implementation of new cloud protocols and improve on existing productivity for your DevSecOps team.

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