Secure Log Management

Log Retention & Compliance Reporting helps satisfy security posture and regulatory compliance requirements for log collection, storage, and reporting, and supports an expandable range of log sources.

As the entry-level tier of service within the Security Log Monitoring offer, Foundational Monitoring provides existing PlatOps customers with up to 10GB per day of complimentary log monitoring. The service gathers raw logs, parses meta data into normalized events and retains it remotely for viewing in our portal or mobile application. You can easily upgrade your service bandwidth to accommodate additional log ingestion as your monitoring requirements grow.

The service can also be customized to your needs with our suite of optional service upgrades — including Threat Intelligence, SOC Monitoring, Cloud Security Monitoring and Advanced Monitoring Algorithms.

Our monitoring service:
  • Provides a comprehensive view of all network activity from multiple devices across the organization and correlates it into a single dashboard view for team members to see and review in detail.

  • Translates complex, near real-time and historical data into actionable insights, with a low operational impact on your organization.

  • Helps security teams prioritize events to reduce the noise from false positives and better focus on those that matter most.

  • Helps you pinpoint threat sources and follow attack vectors so you can shore up weak points more quickly and evolve to a proactive threat management approach.

  • Enables security teams to make more accurate assumptions about the past that provide context to prevent future successful attacks.

  • Helps you meet compliance standards with a comprehensive solution that can evolve with your business needs without changing platforms.

  • Enhances your security posture beyond compliance into a best practices solution for proactive and predictive threat management.

  • Gives security teams and senior leadership greater confidence that your organization is doing all it can to protect assets and eliminate threats before impact.

  • Saves your team hundreds of man-hours gathering critical data by hand.

  • Consolidate Management

    Capture and store system logs from IT devices, systems, and other network assets

    Demonstrate Compliance

    Automate log parsing and regulatory compliance reporting to help meet auditor requests

    Leverage Expertise

    Rely on knowledgeable log management support for formats, parsing, and reporting

    Grow As You Go

    Add terabytes of scalable storage at an effective price as your needs change